Song in the Dark (Horror, Explicit)

Episode 2 · May 17th, 2019 · 45 mins 59 secs

About this Episode

Songs about things horrific, whether that's movies, video games, or spoopy ghosts.

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Producer: Scooter Mann
Host: Scooter Mann
Audio Engineering: Scooter Mann

Featured Artists

  1. A Sound of Thunder - Elijah {Ghost, Supernatural}
  2. The Megas, The Belmonts - Wicked Child {Castlevania}
  3. Fabvl - The Underground {IT}
  4. Dan Bull - Dive into the Madness {Little Nightmares, Explicit}
  5. Jonah Knight - Empty House {Haunted House}
  6. Teamheadkick - On Friday the 13th {Friday the 13th, Explicit}
  7. JT Music - Can’t Be Erased {Bendy & the Ink Machine}
  8. Tryhardninja - It's Me {Five Nights at Freddy’s}
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