Jonah Knight

Special guest

Jonah Knight is the world's foremost provider of Paranormal Modern Folk. And what the hell is that? Geek music, or nerd music, tends to be heavy on the humor. Jonah's songs are heavy on the ghosts. What if Tom Waits played at scifi conventions? What if They Might Be Giants were serious and creepy?

He writes about ghosts, monsters, steampunk, super villains, weird holiday traditions, and other under served subjects in music.

Jonah is a multiple time musical guest of honor at various fan conventions, haunted attractions, and festivals in large part to his engaging concerts. He focuses on delivering a quality live performance that drags the audience kicking and screaming from dark and creepy to uneasy humor and back again. Armed only with a weathered guitar.

Jonah Knight has been a guest on 3 episodes.