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Contact Us

Contact Us

Feel free to drop us a message to let us know we're awesome or... whatever.

If you're reaching out to let us know about your music, that's great! Sorry if it takes awhile to get back to you, things get kind of crazy.

You can also reach us via email: info {at} legendsmithproductions (dot) com

Please Give Us:

  1. Your Band/Performer name
  2. A link to where we can listen to your music, preferably streaming (eg, youtube, bandcamp, soundcloud)

Common Reasons for Us Passing on a Band:

  1. Audio quality of the music was not professional enough
  2. Music didn't contain enough easy to see connections to geek culture (eg if a song mentions Megatron once or twice but in general is just about revenge, completley unrelated to Transformers)
  3. It doesn't fit into the direction we're trying for or upcoming episodes we're planning