The Wonderstrucks

Special guest

The Wonderstrucks are a glorious mixture of rock, pop, melody, volume, power, gloss, and crunch. They are a testament to anthemic choruses, soaring harmonies, and the undeniable force of a well-placed "yeah, yeah, yeah."

The Wonderstrucks trace their roots to 2005, when Rick Emerson and filmmaker Joni DeRouchie were seeking musicians to perform the soundtrack to Bigger than Jesus: The Diary of a Rock and Roll Fan, Emerson's autobiographical tribute to his hard-rock adolescence.

Answering the call were, among others, Andrew Greene, Brian Dueltgen, Michael Chriss, Jay Haygood, Jairus Minsky, and, as musical director, Christopher Morris. As the Bigger than Jesus house band, they performed flawlessly, elevating the film and enrapturing the audience.

As time elapsed, this group of disparate players transformed into an ongoing musical act in their own right, and with the addition of Emerson as vocalist and chief songwriter, The Wonderstrucks were born. With Morris and DeRouchie on board as, respectively, producer and art director, An American Education took shape, and was completed in the Summer of 2007.

Profile Photo Credit: Joni DeRouchie

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